May 1-2, 2021

Celtic International Tournament

Celtic Football Club in partnership with Elite Tournaments and InspireSport are delighted to present the inaugural Celtic International Tournament.   Open to all clubs, it will be hosted at the magnificent surroundings of Dorey Park in Virginia on the weekend of the 2nd – 3rd May 2020.




Due to the latest development of the COVID-19, we have CANCELLED The Celtic International Tournament. We will be in touch within the next 2 weeks on future plans for the event.

If your team is holding hotel reservations, please be aware that hotel contracts have an ImpossibilityClause to waive any penalty in the event of a cancellation due to a circumstance beyond the control of the event organizers, that makes it impossible for the tournament to operate. Halpern Travel has already contacted each hotel's Sales Department to invoke the Impossibility Clause and to cancel your reservation.  You do not need to contact the hotel or Halpern Travel to cancel your reservation.However, if you would like to keep your reservation, please contact Halpern Travel immediately at 888.640.6400 or .

Thank you for your patience and we will be in touch with future plans for this event.


Mike Libber

Tournament Director






Tournament Application

Entry Fees:

  • U13 - 2007: $995
  • U14 - 2006: $995

  • Any teams withdrawing after acceptance from the tournament are subject to a loss of the application fee
  • Teams applying after the application deadline be subject to a $100 late fee and will be required to pay electronically
  • A separate performance bond of $350 is required for U13-U14 age groups
    • The performance bond is lost if there are any violations of the tournament which may include but are not limited to the following examples; behavioral misconduct of players, coaches and/or spectators, forfeits, and/or destruction of property (i.e. leaving trash at teams bench).

Payment Information

  • Please make all checks payable to: Elite Tournaments
  • Checks should be mailed to:
    • Celtic FC
      c/o Elite Tournaments
      PO Box 54
      West Friendship MD 21794

Applied/Accepted Teams

Applied Teams: View Applied Teams List Soon

Accepted Teams: View Accepted Teams List Soon

Tournament Bracket: View Bracket Here


Tournament Schedule: View Schedule Here Soon


Team Check-In

Check-In Instructions: View Check-In Instructions

Guest Players: Registration for Guest Players


Important Information and Dates:

·         Deadline to check in:  

·         Online Registration includes: (check online instructions for complete details)

·         State/US Club/SAY approved Roster

·         All Players Valid Player Passes (matches Roster)

·         Team info Sheet

·         Deadline to make changes/additions:    

** No changes will be made after 
** Due to USYSA Sanctioning, ALL players must have a valid player pass.  NO Birth Certificates will be accepted/allowed.

If you have any questions regarding check-in or guest players, please contact GotSoccer at


No Pets | No Smoking | No Alcohol


Dorey Park | Field Map | Directions


Elite Tournaments Lightning Protocol 

Elite Tournaments monitors weekend weather very closely for each tournament. The following situations are protocols that will be implemented in the case of lightning:

Game Has Not Kicked Off

  • If the delay does not allow you to complete 20 minutes of the game to make it official, the game will not kickoff and will result in a 0-0 tie.

Game Has Kicked Off

  • If your game had begun and the first 20 minutes have been completed, then the score will stand.
  • If a game is suspended due to a lightning delay and the game has not reached the 20 minute mark, the game clock will continue to run. Play will resume in accordance with the remaining time left on the running clock. Games will only resume if moving forward completes the necessary 20 minutes of game time. Warm up time will be at the referee's discretion but will still be subject to the running clock. 

Safety Protocol:In case of lightning, all play on fields must be stopped and players, coaches, spectators and referees must clear the playing surface and in the parking lot at minimum. Games will only be allowed to resume after 30 minutes have passed since the last lightning strike in the 10-mile radius.

*This policy is subject to adjustment if there are additional clear and present options approved by the client and/or tournament committee.

Please be sure to monitor your email,, and Twitter @elitetour.


Elite Tournaments is pleased to announce the appointment of Halpern Travel as our official Tournament Housing Coordinator for the Columbia Invitational Tournament. All participating teams needing housing for the tournaments are required to utilize the services of Halpern Travel.

Halpern Travel comes to us highly recommended for their commitment to providing professional service and for their attention to detail. They have extensive experience in tournament housing coordination. Halpern Travel secure, online hotel reservation system allows teams to view information about hotels, including rate, area location and amenities. Teams are able to reserve their rooms and to make changes to their reservations 24/7.

Clubs requiring a large block of rooms for multiple teams should contact Halpern Travel for special assistance at 888.640.6400.

We look forward to our partnership with Halpern Travel to successfully meet the housing needs of teams attending the Amanda Post Memorial Tournament.

Hotel Reservations: Make Hotel Arrangements Here 


To pre-order event apparel, please visit our tournament store. If you do not see merchandise with your tournament’s logo, do not despair! Our tournament store is updated daily with the latest designs and inventory for each event. Check back shortly to see what’s in store for you! If you don’t want to miss out on the action- keep an eye on your inbox for pre-order information, or e-mail Kyle Scranton.


Trace Soccer has partnered with the Celtic International Tournament to provide your team with full game filmindividual highlights, and performance data that you can easily share with players, coaches and recruiters!


How does it work?

Trace uses an elevated AI camera and performance-tracking sensors to film the game on its own. The video is then automatically clipped for each player and delivered to their email. You can see Trace in action here.

What's Included:

  • 1 Trace Case with Tracers for 20 players
  • 1 TraceCam
  • 1 Tripod 
  • 3 Games filmed
  • Automated Player Clips 
  • Player Performance Stats


How to get started

Teams that use Trace at Celtic International Tournament will get an exclusive three-game trial and discounted upgrades. 


To reserve your Trace equipment:

Please book online


Call (888) 568-3264


Participating vendors will be posted here 2 weeks prior to the event.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for the tournament, please contact Elle Marks at


We welcome all out of town referees. If you are scheduled to be a referee at this event, take a look at the rules and check the schedule online for any changes. 


Mike Libber
Tournament Director

Kyle Scranton 
Apparel Questions

Check-In Questions

Age Groups

Boys & Girls U13-U14

Key Dates

May 1-2, 2021

Application Deadline
April 9, 2021

Schedules Released
April 13, 2021

Apparel Pre-Order
April 27, 2021

Tournament Sponsors

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